OK Go released another viral video

OK Go опубликовали очередной вирусный видеоклип

Musicians from the American group posted in the Facebook another fascinating video.

The 4-minute video for the song The One Moment in slow motion is repeated that in the beginning of the movie takes place in 4.2 seconds, everything explodes, breaks and gushes with colored inks. It sounds in the description is, perhaps, not so surprising, but it is better to see once. A few hours after the publication of the video has already gathered nearly 6 million views.

“Human perception of time does not always help to feel the passage of time in full, the band wrote on its official website regarding the release of the video. Unfortunately, life is fleeting, our task in this video was to show how amazing can be the moments of life that we in everyday life can not be overlooked. We have created chaos and destruction – and this, as it turns out, can be a lot of amazing beauty”.

The band OK Go, based in Chicago, gained fame just because of his videos – extremely creative and original, often becoming viral on YouTube and collecting tens of millions of views. For example, their video for the song This Too Shall Pass is faced by the 54 million times. Also on account of their first music video, filmed in weightlessness in cooperation with the Russian airline S7.