О боже, какой мужчина! Emin с голым торсом боксирует в зале

36-year-old singer and businesswoman posted a Instagram video with workout. The movie is just over an hour it became incredibly popular.

Singer before easily breaking girls ‘ hearts. But this time, it seems, has broken its own record. Amateur Pastukhov and formal suits, Emin suddenly posted a video from the gym. In the video the handsome (shirtless!) fulfills the right hook with his coach.

And like the usual video, just the singer in the video looks very hot!

“I killed your master”, – said Agalarov under the roller with exercise.

Well, the jokes from you, mister! For all the talk is not at risk, but the female edition of Woman’s Day after such a roller is certainly on a week lost sleep!..

Needless to say that the video in the first hour scored nearly 13 thousand likes and plenty of comments.

Video published eminofficial (@eminofficial) Aug 16 2016 2:58 PDT

The podeschi artist in Instagram, by the way, the movie also hit the spot.

“Well done! Handsome! — wrote enthusiastically that girls are impressed by biceps. — Where are you? Rushing to you! Be mine!..”

And then there’s the heart (and passport!) the singer recently became available. We will remind, after nine years of marriage Agalarov divorced his wife – 29-year-old daughter of President Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva. Since then, Emin was seen only in the company of some of Alena’s operating model. But fans still have hope that these hanky-panky – just a hobby.

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