“Oh, God, what a man!”Malikov showed inflated torso

«О, Боже, какой мужчина!» Маликов показал накачанный торс
The famous singer took part in the old flash mob.

Watch until the end! The funny thing is there? and do not forget to put the huskies that my inspiration ran dry. . Let’s start from the beginning. I think I just invented a time machine ? #icebucketchallenge . How do you like my figure, I still got it…? #heat? #ledjanogo #vamdemon

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Dmitry Malikov continues to shock the audience. Whatever they did, the famous singer in recent months to achieve popularity in Instagram! Tried to be a fashion blogger, announced a competition for a prize, cruelly joked about her daughter and gently greeted their loved ones with birthdays…

This time he went even further. He decided to take part in all the flash mobs that were held in this social network, while here it was not. And Malikov began with the legendary “Ice Bucket Challenge”. Remember almost four years ago, the stars all over the world collectively poured ice water? They did it not for hype, especially when the words do not had. It was a real charity marathon in support of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Thanks to a flashmob in different Association received more than $100 million to combat this incurable disease.

«О, Боже, какой мужчина!» Маликов показал накачанный торс

Photos: Shots from the video in Instagram

And now, at the beginning of 2018 for the marathon is joined by Malikov. He solemnly undressed in the shower room of his country house and poured ice water from a bucket!

Only there was one little “hitch”: when the singer took off the robe, beneath it he showed a greatly inflated torso and tattooed back. Given that in the summer of last year Dmitry has not distinguished these forms, once it became clear that this is another joke of the artist.

Photo: Instagram

However, the fans appreciated. “Oh, God, what a man!”— wrote women. “And beautiful, and famous, and smart, and rich, and with a sense of humor any!»

Meanwhile, Malik handed over his baton to lion Leshchenko. Let’s see what he will answer Lev Valerianovich, which in the circle of friends is also known for her sense of humor.