Offside! Ronaldo did coming out

Офсайд! Роналду сделал каминг-аут

After the twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson made a loud statement and forward “real”.

Weep, girls! The sexiest, most beautiful and the richest football player of real Madrid, looks like nobody gets them. And it’s not that he’s suddenly decided to get back to Irina Shayk. No, no, no! Bisa player are very happy with Bradley Cooper. 30-year-old model Irina Shayk is waiting for her child, and soon they are married! (read more HERE).

Just the player decided to change the Outlook on life and to go over to the other side. Ronaldo decided not to hide their preferences. Recently, he publicly announced his homosexual.

Coming out the Portuguese made during a verbal altercation with the midfielder Atletico Madrid Koke. The Spaniard called Ronaldo gay, to which he replied: “Yes, I’m gay, but I have a lot of money.”

The match between real Madrid and Atletico Madrid ended with the score 3:0 in advantage “real”. All three goals, incidentally, was scored by Ronaldo. However, the fans that day was not to outcome of the game…

It should be noted that the player was suspected of homosexual relationships. After breaking up with Irina Shayk Ronaldo regularly visited in Morocco kickboxer Badr Hari, with whom the athlete was allegedly doing more than just friendships.

By the way

Not so long ago, a similar statement was made by actor Robert Pattinson. He said that the female sex it is no longer interested. And told me that deep in love with 31-year-old male model brad Owens. The fans of the sexiest vampire on the planet was in shock (read more HERE).