Оффсет просит Карди Би принять его обратно

After the birth of the baby, Kalcher the public did not doubt the sincerity of your romantic feelings to each other and Offset KARDi Bi. They seem the perfect couple, but soon the singer told all about his decision to divorce her husband. Many did not believe in a strong statement, but the divorce turned out to be true. Like, nothing to fall back to sleep, but Offset doesn’t. He tries to return his beloved!

The first stage was the constant apology on social networks: twitter and instagram. Offset shot a video for his birthday and put up in instagram, making only one desire — to get my wife back. “He’s still got big love for the Cardi. He still finds her sexy and beautiful as before. Offset does not want to lose her from your life,” added the source.

Realizing that a simple post on the Internet does not help, the rapper went to drastic steps. During one of the performances of the singer, the stage rolled out three stands with roses. Flowers were laid “KARDi, take me back.” Then the Offset went on stage and confessed KARDi in love. The step was not appreciated and drove the musician! The rapper did not insist and went to the exit. It seems that feelings are completely melted and KARDi will not accept her husband back.

Not allowing her husband to himself on the stage, she let him in Puerto Rico! The couple were spotted together and have hoped for their reunion. Instagram star admitted that he does not miss her husband, but only for sex.

But it did not become the last point in the history of couples! In Stories it published Christmas shopping: Hermes bags, Louboutin shoes and bracelets with diamonds. And not even thanked her husband!

Recall KARDi Bi put in my instagram profile post, which talked about the divorce with the Offset. This news could not cause the appearance of numerous articles and investigations, because the couple recently born baby kalcher! Many thought it was just a failed joke, because the singer did not seem upset, and soon completely removed the ill-fated post. But it seems that the divorce was real.

“Many have tried to learn from me. You know, I tried to maintain relations with the father of my child for very long. We are good friends and business partners, he’s always there with me, we love each other. Between us a long time nothing happened, and no one is to blame, I think we just outgrew our love. We’re not together anymore. Divorce takes some time, but I will always love him because he’s the father of my daughter,” said cardy. And the clip, the singer signed: “That’s all. Peace and love”.

First, insiders told the publication PageSix: “last months it was not a real relationship, only business.” Now the singer has officially confirmed the divorce on one of his concerts. She did it very original. During the song MotorSport at the concert in Chicago, the singer changed the words in the text of the track.

“I scored on the fight
I made Offset,
The next day, said to him:
“Yes, we are getting a divorce”” (original: “Dude, we should sell it to porn”).

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