Официально: Дженнифер Энистон и Джастин Теру объявили о разводе!
Fans are wondering whether is involved in the separation of the pair brad pitt?

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


Fans Of Jennifer Aniston
amazed by the unexpected news. Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux made a statement,
their marriage is over. “In order to stop possible speculation, we have decided
to announce that we broke up. It’s a mutual decision, and it was taken
at the end of 2017. We parted as a couple, but intend to remain friends. We
could keep it a secret, but, anticipating the inevitable gossip in the media, we
decided to declare our decision publicly. We assure that we will retain the love and
respect for each other!”- said in a statement.

This news was almost
everyone by surprise, although the last time something in the behavior of the pair seemed
suspicious. So, Justin and Jennifer are rarely seen together. It is a lot
the time spent in new York, she in Los Angeles. Even his 49-day
of birth, Jennifer celebrated a week ago one.

Now the main thing that is intriguing
fans of the actress — not involved to divorce brad pitt? The fact that
recently just started to spread rumors that pitt allegedly
closer again with his ex-wife. Gossips claimed that brad, who
at the time dumped aniston for Jolie,
once Angelina decided to divorce him, began to meet secretly with a
Jennifer. But the evidence for their Dating of the paparazzi to get and not

As for aniston and
Theroux, their marriage was almost as short-lived as pitt. Brad,
who lived with Jolie for 11 years, divorced just two years after
the official wedding. With aniston and Theroux, who have been together for almost 7 years,
broke up after two and a half years after their secret wedding,
held in August 2015. Anyway, now both pitt and aniston free. Whether they really are a couple again, time will tell.