Обидевший Бузову резидент Comedy Club извинился перед ней The comedian doesn’t want to sue. Three weeks after the beginning of the conflict between Andrei Skorokhod and Olga Buzova man asked the stars for forgiveness. Publicly insulted party TV Comedy shows such as publicly apologized in Instagram.
Обидевший Бузову резидент Comedy Club извинился перед ней

Feb 23, resident of Comedy Club Andrey Skorokhod on his page in Instagram that he is in the image of the “redneck rapper Glabete – fictional character, bully”, published a post where was compared Olga Buzova with the hero of the movie “Predator” – an ugly monster.

TV presenter and the singer reacted to it instantly, saying that her and insult her for no one to intercede. Olga has expressed intent to punish “adomaicio” through the courts.

“Unfortunately, those whom I thought were my friends from the Comedy Club, had no effect on this situation. So I will solve it through court,” she wrote.

Each Buzova, which is the same as the outrunner, is a resident of Comedy, Timur Batrutdinov tried to calm her down, promised to find out on my own and have asked for forgiveness for the misunderstanding.

“Ol, don’t rush your emotions, please. I about it knew nothing, so as not to spend time on Instagram. I apologize for this break! I am sure that in the post he did not put negativity from themselves, and acted on behalf of his character. I now talk to him, and I’m sorry that I know about this officially, but not on a personal call,” wrote Timur in comments Buzova.

Globate, aka Andrei Skorokhod, did not stop there. It is suggested to find out the relationship on stage and called Olga Buzova on the rap battle.

“Hello! Broadcasts Gibati. Want to contact Olga Buzova. I believe that you and I have no conflict, but if you think so, then we can figure out who is right and who is wrong, as it is done in the twenty-first century. I challenge you to a rap battle, Olga Buzova. Well, what?! To sing is not necessary – so you don’t have to worry. To speak for drunk you and I both know. So I wait from you the answer”, – said Andrey Skorokhod.

But the positive response from Olga ruff runner did not. The man once again tried to enter a dialogue with the presenter “House-2”. Said that did not offend Buzova that the conflict he had with “crazed pack of Insta-commentators” and moreover: Olga insulted him, calling “nedomoganii”. Buzova, ignoring all statements humorist, strongly showed, that will bring the same thing to legal proceedings.

And now, after three weeks, Andrey Skorokhod has officially apologized to Olga. He published the post and noted TV star in his account, at the same time mentioning the conflict Olga with rapper ILO. And to a certain extent by making fun of him.

Olga Buzova sharply expressed in the address of the wife of popular rapper

“Three weeks later, I learned that Olga Buzova really offended me! Don’t see anything offensive, but I understand that people are different, and, as Ostrovsky wrote, “someone loves watermelon, and someone- pork hryaschik”. Olga adhere to a healthy diet and Globate a fan of pork stumps. Our difference in humor is obvious. I find it funny, while Jane suffers. I’m sorry. I think everyone understands that about any court and there can not be, because in this case the Russian courts would be overflowing with complaints against their abusers – both famous personalities and Mota. The conflict is settled,” wrote Walker.

Many Internet users called apology is ambiguous, and the reason for this post outlined a simple – Andrew just wants to avoid a trial. As soon as the Insta-commentators began to Express their opinions, Globate deleted almost all the videos associated with this story, and made its public account closed.