Oderzhimyy a fan of Kendall Jenner will no longer be able to approach her

Одержимий фанат Кендалл Дженнер больше не сможет к ней приближаться

According to Tmz, the famous model and sister of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner has finally filed a restraining order on approaching obsessive fan of Thomas Hummel. Fan since February threw Kendall love letters, where does tell her you love her, and shortly insulted and threatened.

Bodyguards models was concerned about security and in March asked the annoying fan to stay away. But a daring fan was not scared, and after a couple of weeks, he again began to send letters, but with darker motives.
In the letters Thomas insulted Kendall and her mother, a businesswoman and television producer Kris Jenner. In one letter, a fan called the model “Internet whore”. In the letters, Thomas does not hesitate to offend the Jenner, using all sorts of profanity.
The reason for this behavior one of the fans was the news that Kendall is Dating hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky. As Thomas wrote in one of his letters, Kendall paid the artist that he slept with her. Also, Hummel blurted out the moment of occurrence of such a violent love. He remembered Jenner to the post office in 2008 and at costco 1998. The model at costco was only three years old, and as Thomas says, he fell in love with her.
With each letter, the motives of the persecutor became darker, which is very worried the security. Kendall filed a petition with the court and accepted it. Now, Thomas Hummel needs to stop any contact with the model and to keep it within 100 yards.
This is not the first case of persecution Kendall Jenner. One of the previous cases, the model discussed in the reality show “the Family Kardashian”. She told the audience that in August of 2016 was arrested by a man who was stalking her outside the gate of her house in the Hollywood Hills. He also tried to get into her car, banging on the Windows while Kendall was there. I hope this case will be the last and the pursuers of the model will understand the lesson.