«Оби Ван Кеноби» подал на развод
Ewan McGregor decided to terminate the marriage after the scandal.

Ewan McGregor and eve Mavrakis


As it became known, 46-year-old Ewan McGregor, famous for
the role of a wise Jedi Obi WAN Kenobi in the franchise “Star wars,” filed finally official
a petition for divorce from his 51-year-old wife Eva Mavrakis, with whom he lived
more than 20 years. The actor has disappointed many of his fans. After all, McGregor, father
four children, still being officially married, began to appear from everywhere
his mistress, 33 — year-old actress Elizabeth Winstead for which it
abandoned spouse.

The culmination of a love affair Ewan was the behavior of the actor on two
the ceremony of the awards “Golden Globe” and the Critics’
Choice Awards in January this year. At first
he gave a speech which offended Eva, in which he praised his mistress, and then,
it is already off of the stage, casually thanked his wife for “she
been with him 22 years”. And the second ceremony still married Macgegor,
appearing with his mistress as official companion, right in the hall on
front of everyone, kissed her on the lips.

The behavior of the actor, who has openly decided to ignore all decency,
caused a Hollywood scandal. However, it began even earlier, when Ewan
the first time caught kissing with Winstead in October
last year. And then followed by a new wave of scandal when he, before the start of the divorce process
taken things from my family house and moved in the Winstead.

The whole story angered friends of Eva, who can not understand, how could
MacGregor to do so with his faithful wife, who always faithfully
cared about him and their four daughters. By the way, as it became known,
daughter of Ewan, too, was deeply traumatized by the behavior of the father. Eldest — 21-year-old Clara shared in a network of old
family photo from which the cut Ewan. A 15-year-old Esther has written a heartbreaking
a song about his father’s infidelity, which has the words: “I don’t know how to forgive you. I don’t
know if I can…It kills me…”