Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение» The actor’s daughter said “StarHit” as made friends with a new lover father and admitted that he dreams of a brother with whom to spend time. The heiress of the artist also explained his reaction to the actions of ill-wishers and shared attitude to gossip about Panini.
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»

Last year at 9 years of nyusi was not easy. She then goes to court, takes part in television programs – and for evidence that he wants to live with her father, while her mother Julia Udintsev trying to take the girl of the actor. Right now the NUS is resting with his grandmother in the village of Danilovka in Vladimir region. And recently with my dad and his new sweetheart Olga returned from a trip to the Crimea.

“Be an actress”

The NUS will soon go to the fourth grade. Do you like school?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»On the one hand, Yes. Especially the lessons of literature – the whole day would listen as the teacher reads us a poem. My reference book – “dunno on the moon”. Another exercise love, we are on it dodgeball play. But with the Russian language is not going well: I can never remember the spelling rules. But in General, happy to go to class. Although, of course, a pity that autumn in a week is only two days off. And I love to walk on the Playground, walk on the river, fry daddy barbecue…—
Have already decided whom you will become when you grow up?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»An actress, because you can live several lives for each character. Or operator: I like to take pictures and shoot videos on the phone.
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»Review Alexei Panin: “From the Crimea nyusya such shots brought – upload. But I will accept any choice of his daughter, even if she wants to be a milkmaid. As for the acting profession, even trying will help. I’m not one of those parents who obnarujivaetsya and says they say, let the child does everything himself. When there is an opportunity to help, why not? If the daughter is now enrolled in the Shchukin school, I would have whispered to Vladimir Etush, to have looked into it. For many years we were friends, he like a grandpa to me”.

What movies with dad’s part is your favorite?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»To be honest, I haven’t seen one.—
Really interesting?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»Interesting, but somehow it happened… Then no, I forget to look.

You look like your father?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»Appearance and character. And what exactly, do not even explain. We just almost the same.
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»Review Alexei Panin: “I think the NUS such as living as I am. I would like to believe that she will grow up an honest man and will speak the truth, because I personally really don’t like deceitful people.”

“I want a brother”

Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»
What do you get?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»Go to the movies, especially remember the movie “planet of the apes”. Cool movie. In General, do everything together – every day, every hour. Except that the stores not take it, like myself things to buy.—
As a dad with holidays, congratulations?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»The card can draw, but he can’t appreciate, and I take offense to it.
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»Review Alexei Panin: “the NUS believes that I don’t pay attention to her gifts, but it’s not. I come to the village, she brings me pictures, I say thank you, hug, kiss. And that’s all. And she wants me to take them with him to Moscow took and admired every day. And sulking”.

In one interview you said that your dad does not prohibit. Do you use it?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»No, I’m an adult and realize that you can not. Try not to sit on the neck.
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»Review Alexei Panin: “Though the NUS and feels great, I still treat her like a child. Well, you pulled it out of the fridge sausage and laid it on the table and not on a cutting Board. Well, blame her for it? It’s not on purpose, just wasn’t thinking. Although it can flare up is to say, the NUS, what is it? Is it not possible in human beings? But in General, I’m against shouting at children, of punishment.”—
Two months ago, your dad has a new girlfriend – a makeup artist Olga. How do you like it?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»By the way, I first met, ten minutes before the Pope. Olya me before ether braids wove. Well, Yes, good girl, good. We roller skate.

Review Alexei Panin: “I am delighted that Olga and daughter found a common language, but by and large I’m not one of those fathers, for whom the child’s opinion when choosing the second half of the primary. Even if girls do not get along, would still be with Olga”.—
Dream about brother or sister?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»About my brother. I love little children.—
Do you have a page in Instagram and Vkontakte. Often sitting there?
Нюся Панина: «Сплетни о папе портят мне настроение»Not really. I specifically closed to people all sorts of nonsense did not write about dad. To me it spoils the mood. No one but me knows what it really is. I love him, he’s the closest to me.
Review Alexei Panin: “I Try to explain to her daughter that unfortunate fools banging out on the Internet nasty comments, pay attention not necessary. Besides, in real life, she sees me quite a different attitude. People come up, smile and ask for autographs, want to take pictures… your Daughter is watching and understands this: love daddy. A couple of times nyusya heard women at the Playground in her presence discussed that I took her away from mom, but fortunately this is an isolated case”.