Сестра Нюши рассказала, какой мамой будет певица Maria Shurochkina revealed family secrets. She told how building a relationship with a known relative, and as her sister, singer Nyusha will take care of the children.
Сестра Нюши рассказала, какой мамой будет певица

Heroes of the new issue of TV magazine, “Someday” became sisters Shurochkina – singer Nyusha and athlete Mary. The girls remembered what they were in childhood. It turned out that being under the age of five years, Maria’s followed her older sister, and that is very annoying. However, children’s resentment behind, and now they’re really close people, who have no from each other secrets and who really love each other.

Mary, speaking for her sister, notices that all the qualities of Nyusha, this is the best set for the expectant mother.

“My sister is tenderness, originality, inner strength, and at the same time of external weakness. I have a very good idea mom, loving and soft. so, which dreams of any child,” said Maria Shurochkina about her sister Jane.
Сестра Нюши рассказала, какой мамой будет певица

Nyusha – eldest in the family, besides sister Mary, she has another brother Ivan, he was 20. Despite the fact that the sisters, five-year age difference, it is difficult to underestimate the success of both. Nyusha this year marks the 10th anniversary of career, and for 27 years she managed to record two albums, releasing 13 singles and a few times in the movies and to give a voice to the cartoon character. But Mary 22 achieved real heights in the sport – she is an honored master of sports in synchronized swimming, 8-time world champion and winner of Olympic gold.

However, Mary, unlike the NYSE, rarely know that a little hurt her. She rightly believes that runs or slightly smaller sisters.

“It’s nice when they recognize you. It rarely happens. As a man with a girl came up and he’s a pilot – he introduced himself and said – “I’m your fan and my girlfriend, we love synchronized swimming”. And not a word about sister. It was very nice! After all most often recognize me as a sister Nyusha, and I’m there in the sport have achieved something not everyone knows. Sometimes it is a shame, because I work no less than she,” said Maria Shurochkina.

Now Maria is preparing for another championship, and Nyusha writes songs for the anniversary program. However, many fans are convinced that a favorite singer of hard to hide a pregnancy. And before the new album comes out, Nyusha and her husband Igor Sivova may appear first.