Нюша сменила кресло наставника шоу «Голос» на почетное кресло в жюри EMF
Moscow hosted the fourth Emporio Music fest under the slogan: “was everything.

Нюша сменила кресло наставника шоу «Голос» на почетное кресло в жюри EMF

Jane Julianna Karaulova

Photo: Sergey Korchuganov

In the fourth day of the contest
Emporio cafe came Igor Saruhanov, who was left impressed after the previous concert
and could not miss the new performances of the participants.

In search of new faces for the TV channel to the school came
General producer of NTV Timur Weinstein and closely followed all
participants and guests of the festival.

Among the guests were David Lee Brewer is the first teacher
singing Beyonce.

Нюша сменила кресло наставника шоу «Голос» на почетное кресло в жюри EMF

Baigali Serkebayev, Timur Weinstein, Igor Saruhanov

Photo: Sergey Korchuganov

Recharge your creative spirit came participants and
winners of the previous seasons of the festival EMF – Roman Koshkarov, Valery Stepanov,
Ksenia Kalambaka.

Unexpectedly, the festival was seen fashionable singer Basile.

Passing through Moscow was the champion of Russia on beatbox Taras
Beds and came to the cafe to see the festival, which
speak not only in Moscow and Russia but also far beyond its borders.

The singer and composer Bruno Mars — the debutant in the jury Emporio
Music fest for the first time changed the chair of the mentor show “the voice” on the honorable seat in
jury EMF. “I really enjoyed the whole festival, I got a lot
the fun of it all that sounded in the hall, and the participants want to speak only
compliments, ‘ said Jane. — Today I felt each of you,
different, you are struck by its sensuality and honesty. Especially liked
the group Goji sincere poems before each song. You were the most
open to us and were not afraid to share their feelings, and it is very
cool, I think.”


Photo: Sergey Korchuganov

Yulianna Karaulova for the second year takes place in the jury Emporio Music fest . The singer honestly
admitted that he was filled with inspiration and emotion from the participants, catching them and
she would not have refused such a prize — trip to Montreux on the legendary
The Montreux Jazz Festival.

Tonight for the first time in the history of Emporio Music fest ticket to
the final was awarded to 3 groups: group Goji from Yekaterinburg, Reflections
Duo from Samara-Moscow and the group Elecktrozavod from Moscow.