Nyusha told about the preparations for the wedding

Нюша рассказала о подготовке к свадьбе
At the beginning of this year, the popular singer Nyusha has agreed to a proposal of marriage to his beloved Igor Sivova.

Нюша рассказала о подготовке к свадьбе

At the moment the singer is in full swing preparing for the wedding.

Young hasn’t decided exactly when they’ll sign. But Jane had already started to think about what he wants to see my wedding.

The celebration will be invited only relatives and close friends of the couple.

“With the organization of course, I will help professionals and my family, but I want to control everything. Wedding plan to play in a narrow circle, among the relatives and friends. We don’t want lush, noisy feast with a huge number of unfamiliar persons, journalists, photographers. Do not think that such an important personal event, you have to take off. After all, happiness loves silence,” said 26-year-old singer.

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