Nyusha surprised impressive forms

Нюша удивила внушительными формами
The singer chose a bad outfit for the performance.

Photo: Instagram

Nyusha upset the fans of their imperfect figure. To perform at award Music Box singer chose a bad outfit — very open shiny bikini and sheer robe on him. Most likely, it was assumed that the cloak needs to hide figure flaws of the wearer, but this did not happen. Star posed for photographers, exposing the right leg forward, but even this well-known technique — how to look more stroinoi — didn’t work. Fans still noticed every extra kilo on the hips of the beloved singer.

“Something Nyusha relaxed…”, “Lasecki full!”, “This is a case when Lazarev legs slimmer!” such comments filled the entire tape under the photo of Nyusha and her old friend Sergey Lazarev.

The majority of fans have linked excess weight Nyusha with her marriage. They say, after marriage, the girl relaxed and ceased to follow the diet.

That may be, because before the wedding Nyusha had to lead a very healthy lifestyle. The fact that the ceremony took place in the Maldives, and dress the singer was quite candid. Every girl wants to look most beautiful in her wedding day, and the star that used to look “on all hundred”, even more so. But now the big day is behind us and we need not worry about the extra donut for Breakfast.