Нюша тайно вышла замуж в Казани
The singer signed with her lover in his hometown.

Нюша тайно вышла замуж в Казани


Photo: Yury Feklistov

26-year-old Jane is married to 36-year-old Igor Sivova, General
adviser to the President of the International Federation of student sport in secrecy. They were married in the hometown of beloved singer in Kazan. Nyusha came
in capital of Tatarstan for three weeks to watch the matches of the last Cup
Confederations. As they say in the close environment of the singer, the ceremony allowed only
close relatives and friends.

Apparently, the couple decided to legalize
relationships, and secret from all, and after a while arrange a magnificent celebration.
She Nyusha has not given comments about the new stamps in your passport. But her
official representative did not deny this information, having told that about painting
in the registry office and celebration all will know a little later.

For Igor this was the second marriage and the singer first
went down the aisle.

By the way, the wedding preparations Nyusha reacted with the whole
seriously. In order to outfit the villages for the figure, the singer literally
“registered” in the gym, and she tightened the diet. The singer was expelled from
his bread, rolls, but drinks about two liters of water daily. The menu
artist for several weeks up fresh fruits and vegetables.

However, soon Jane will have to eat more diverse
she openly declared that they are ready to pregnancy: preparing for
change have body. The advent children star will work with
husband immediately after the wedding. The performer thinks of how much
will give birth to toddlers, but she will appreciate any amount. To go
maternity leave Nyusha is not afraid. She was not concerned that the popularity at this time
can dramatically go down. She believes that having children is the main
the purpose of women, and puts the mission above his career.

“In my opinion, it is quite natural when you are
the status of the wife, having a career, having finally fulfill their
the main female function, — said Jane. — I think for every woman
motherhood is a very important point. This is our destiny, we were
created for this, just each of us goes through it differently… There
the girls, who almost immediately go back to work, and someone can go in
decree for five years. And there are no right or wrong choices, every
makes the choice for himself. I think at this point I seriously think, when it
become a mother!”

Photo: @nyusha_nyusha