Nyusha said that they are ready for motherhood

Певица Нюша сообщила, что готова к материнству
After the information appeared about the engagement of 26-year-old singer Nyusha with businessman Igor Sivov, fans waiting for the beloved singer will please them the good news.

Певица Нюша сообщила, что готова к материнству

Popular singer Nyusha does not exclude the possibility to become a mother soon.

Singer argues that with pleasure would deal with the upbringing of their child.

Now Jane is sitting in the chair of the mentor in the project “Voice. Children.” Before that, her place was occupied by Pelageya and Polina Gagarina, and both girls were forced to abandon filming the next seasons of the project in connection with pregnancy. According to the NYSE, it will be only too happy to repeat their fate.

“I’m happy with. I am a woman and also want children! Maybe it was one of the reasons why I agreed to participate in the show “the Voice. Children” – give in the chair in the middle to sit down!” – said the singer.

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