Nyusha quarreling with the Director

Нюша поскандалила с режиссером The actress is upset that did not meet the expectations of fans. Now Jane is preparing to present the video for the song “love You”, but initially, things did not go as planned. For the singer this song has a special meaning, as it is put into the text to personal feelings and experiences.
Нюша поскандалила с режиссером

Singer, composer and mentor of the fourth season of the show “the Voice. Children” Nyusha in January of this year, has started shooting a new music video for the song “love You”. However, the release of the video fans have not waited. The actress is upset that the Director failed to realize the initial idea. Nyusha with the song “loving You” is very personal, but because she wanted the video turned out beautiful and high quality.

“We hoped to the last that the Director will provide the material which we have agreed prior to filming. But, unfortunately, it has not fulfilled its obligations – the clip did not meet the originally agreed concept. In the end, we met with Ilya Funkformer and operator Sergey Prekrasnom, who promptly suggested new ideas and style to the video, which I loved”, – says Nyusha.
Нюша поскандалила с режиссером

The artist will appear before the audience in a new way – with a Bang. As usual, the video Nyusha appear in bold outfits, and the clip will be filled with light, smoke, symbols and allusions.

“Artistic image Nyusha solved in two ways, I would call it intra-frame and off-screen images. On those frames that sees the hero, it is calm and silence of the NYSE. But the fact that she is home, when singing, this is her real emotion,” said idea Director Ilya Frankforter.

According to the man in the video “love You” they tried to minimize direct interaction of the characters and tried to Express their activity through the dancers to their internal tension, the expression, which exists in them and is waiting for the release, emission. The artist hurried to please fans and to give them the imminent release of the video.

“I know my fans are waiting for the release of the video “love You”, and I can confidently say that within a few weeks you will be able to see him,” asked the singer.

Nyusha this song has a special meaning – soon 26-year-old actress is going to go down the aisle with her lover, 36-year-old Igor Sivov. Nyusha began to actively prepare for the wedding