Нюша провоцирует жениха на ревность The artist believes that it strengthens the relationship. Singer Nyusha in a short time is going to go down the aisle with fiancé Igor Sivov. Pop singer says that many fans who show interest in her person, forcing the man to always be alert.
Нюша провоцирует жениха на ревность

Very soon in the life of the singer Nyusha will happen important event – the first time a girl will marry. Chosen one artist became a chief Advisor to the President of the International University sports Federation FISU Igor Sivov. Mentor of the project “Voice. Children” repeatedly talked about how he met the perfect partner, which is ready to create strong family. However, their relationship has a place of jealousy and vocalist believes it’s a good incentive.

“I think that any man beside the girl singer will be worry, nervous, and jealous. This is a good reason to always be alert, do not relax. In General, it is always in good shape,” said Jane in the air “OK, connected”.
Нюша провоцирует жениха на ревность

Despite the fact that many fans are interested in any details of the wedding, the artist tries as much as possible to share the details of their relationship with the General public. She believes that it is necessary to protect happiness from strangers. Nyusha has declassified the dress that will marry

Nyusha affectionately recalls the time when a loved one made her an offer of marriage. It happened on vacation, when the couple went abroad. The choice of the singer organized a surprise for her.

“I immediately said “Yes.” More precisely: “of course!” I was in shock. The box was special. It was a little Coco nut. I love coconuts, and this is my choice for everybody,” shared the singer.

The mentor show “the Voice. Children” admitted that she dreams about the baby, but she never met men with whom she would like to start a family. Now she is ready to become a mother and give the chosen one of the heirs. Now the 36-year-old Igor Sivova growing up two sons.

Despite the fact that for a long time Jane tried to hide his novel, the singer still can not cope with overwhelming feelings. Even in the winter in the microblog artist published a picture from vacation, where she went together with her lover. The pop singer was so inspired by the relationship with Sivov, that he wrote a song, which could throw out all the experiences.

“The void is the only mystery left to man. Only a sincere love in our hearts can fill. This is a symbolic story in which two people are committed to each other” – just as Jane described the song, which he dedicated to elect.