Nyusha preparing to move in luxury apartments

Нюша готовится к переезду в шикарные апартаменты The artist does not hide his joy, because it has long planned to purchase a house. For her the thought of his own apartment seemed unreal. However, the singer has managed to bring this dream to life.

      Nyusha said, what a gift she gave herself. She finally bought an apartment. 26-year-old actress for several years been planning to buy a property, but this time, in recognition of the girls could not quickly come. It is obvious that the dream needed the money and the time and the desire to move. Now all the plans Nyusha realized.

      The singer admitted that she feels strong emotions when engaged in furnishing of the purchased property. She admitted that for a new apartment gradually earned itself. It should be noted that Nyusha is constantly on tour and, whenever possible, participate in concerts and vystupaet at corporate events. Colleagues have repeatedly noted the stamina, and the ability to work girls.

      “It’s certainly an incredible feeling – your housing, which you yourself earned. Moreover, in the design of this apartment, I put his heart and soul! By the way, in my childhood I loved to build houses from scratch — umbrellas, chairs. And now, finally built a real apartment!” – admitted Jane.

      The artist wanted to bring to life all your ideas. That is why it is so tenderly treated by the renovation, which took place in her apartment. Apparently, the star wanted to create housing that is entirely consistent with her style, way of thinking and vision of life. The girl admits that she partially thought through design the apartment, but also turned for help to one skilled in the interiors, as it was hard to figure out all the intricacies of the project.

      “For me, for example, it was very important that the rooms had soft, flowing light without the help of a professional I would not be able to achieve this”, – said the artist.

      In conversation with 7дней.ги Nyusha said that it plans soon to throw a housewarming party, but first will launch in the first apartment cat. She told me that her parents were two of them, so she believes that they won’t mind if she has to borrow Pets to explore new territory. Barsik the cat is already familiar to podpican “Instagram” Nyusha. He called the affection of followers and got in his address a lot of positive reviews.