Nyusha officially became a bride

Нюша официально стала невестой

Popular singer Nyusha finally heading down the aisle. Artist said on his page on the social network that it now officially can be considered a bride. In December, reporters learned that the beloved singer is Igor Sivov, Advisor to the General President of the International University sports Federation.
It is reported that recently the beloved gave Jane a trip to Kenya. Probably where he made the woman an offer of marriage. On his page in the social network, the singer published a picture with the ring and signed it:

“Bride, I))) ❤ this #topalovich”.
Nyusha and her husband known each other for several years, but romance between them began in the fall of 2016. and the singer said during the concert, saying that her heart is already not free.
Igor was already married and by his first marriage he has two sons. Insiders report that Sivov like relatives of the singer and even her strict father, and the very Jane he had conquered his perseverance and gallantry.