Nyusha looking for a man like my father

Нюша ищет мужчину, похожего на отца Russian singer at the age of 25 a lot of work, and personal life not enough time. Not so long ago a girl went through a breakup with Egor Creed. However, the star for a long time was not discouraged and is already looking for a new man. The star was told, what young man she needs.

      Нюша ищет мужчину, похожего на отца

      Russian singer Nyusha not long ago experienced a breakup with Egor Creed. According to her, they had to break off the relationship because the couple didn’t match the worldview, in how they saw the future. In addition, parents Nyusha believed that Yegor is not sincere in his attitude toward their daughter. The singer was plunged into work, has introduced a new single, “Kiss” and changed my hair, coloring the hair ends in bright color. Also, she said that it was ready for a new relationship.

      Nyusha loves his family therefore believes that a future partner needs to be like on the inside-for her father, Vladimir Shurochkin. According to singer, the appearance of man is not important.

      “Appreciate wise, reliable, kind men with sense of humor. Important to have the same views on family values. Needed a spark, a chemical reaction, an attraction to each other. But strong feelings are not uncommon,” said Nyusha reporters.

      According to star, when relationships go into another stage, the person shows the character. This is the moment when people can leave. “To avoid this, the couple needs to look at the world and family the same look. And, of course, man must, if not love, then at least understand my music,” said Nyusha in an interview with “TV”.

      The singer rarely get the opportunity to meet men on the street. In those moments, when she finally gets out on a walk in a public place, it is accompanied by the guard, as the artist afraid of inadequate reaction of people towards themselves. Creativity Nyusha proves that she has been burned in relationships with the opposite sex. In the last new singer, the song “Kiss” calls.

      “It’s no secret that men are becoming less decisive. Heard from friends that young people are afraid to take the first serious steps. Yeah, maybe it is about us, women have become more independent and bossy… But still, the balance between power and femininity is possible, and I am such an example. “Kiss” is a challenge to men. I hope, after listening to a song, they will realize that we girls are waiting for them to brave deeds!”, – says Nyusha.

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