Нюша уехала из России ради сестры The singer went to the Games in Rio de Janeiro to maintain the six-time world champion in synchronized swimming Maria Shurochkina. The whole family of a young woman sincerely happy with her progress and so at such a crucial moment wants to be with her. We know that Mary will perform August 18 in competition groups.

      25-year-old singer Nyusha worried about his sister, 21-year-old synchronized swimmer Mary Shurochkina. A young woman will compete at the Olympics in Rio 18 Augusta. To support Mary, Jane together with loved ones — father, composer Vladimir Shurochkin, and his wife, Oksana, a master of sports in gymnastics, decided to live to cheer for the athlete. Friendly family flew to Brazil Sunday morning. “A little, fly to you,” wrote Irina in social networks, turning to his daughter, who is now actively training ahead of the competition.

      For Mary, the event in Rio will be the first in her career Olympics. In his interview with Nyusha’s sister said she was up to the last moment kept a positive attitude and tried not to watch the news which talked about banning Russian athletes. But just a few days before the Olympics, she realized that all very seriously, and her participation in the Games in question.

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      But in the end, Mary still went to international competitions. “Hello, Rio! In the Olympic village arrived, the room key was given, the accreditation was awarded. And, waking up in a mild euphoria, start a brand new day in a brand new water,” wrote a happy athlete in social networks.

      Recall that the younger sister of the singer Nyusha Maria Shurochkina — six-time world champion in synchronised swimming, master of sports of Russia international class. At different times, a young woman appeared on the international competitions in Barcelona, Berlin and London. In 2013 Shurochkina received a commendation from the President of the Russian Federation for high achievements in the field of sports. In his microblog Nyusha admitted that insanely proud of and admires Mary, and continually to learn something from her.

      Nyusha’s sister likes sports since childhood. She went to ballroom dancing and gymnastics. Later started to do synchronized swimming. When the girls team won the European Cup in this discipline, Maria decided to put another, higher and more ambitious goal is to become Olympic champion. Favorite athlete Shurochkina — a brilliant French Virginia Didier.

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