Нюша готовится стать мамой
The singer attends the elite perinatal center in Moscow.


It seems that the desire Nyusha becoming a mother can be executed already
this year. Says Teleprogramma.pro, the singer was spotted in a luxury
Lapino perinatal center, where see pregnancy and give birth almost
all domestic celebrity. VIP-childbirth at the clinic cost about 900 thousand

Fans argue that Nyusha is quite
the logical continuance of a happy marriage with Igor Sivov. Especially the Supervisory
fans have noted that in recent Nyusha publishes in their personal microblogging
photos where the star shape is seen only “in the breast”. This, of course, leads

Not so long ago in a candid interview with the singer
noted that with the idea of becoming a mother, she lives always. “For me
it is a completely natural process — a woman created in order to
ever have a baby, — shared the singer. — I can’t say that something has changed.
Just after I got married, me in this respect was
more closely”.

Indeed, after the artist replaced the official
the status of the fans consider the star almost under a microscope and closely
watching the changes in her personal life.