Nyusha is preparing for the first kid.

Нюша готовится к появлению первенца The singer admitted that he had long wanted to have a baby. In recognition of the celebrity, she thought about the children when she was 18 years old. Now, after Jane finally met your soul mate, she is ready to make a break in career for family.

      Soon Nyusha plans to legalize the relationship with her lover Igor Sivov, Advisor to the General President of the International University sports Federation. Offer hands and hearts became celebrity real surprise. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the celebrity to go under the crown with the chosen one.

      Nyusha began to actively prepare for the wedding

      Nyusha recently gave a Frank interview in which has told that intends to become a mother for the first time. The actress very long waited to meet a man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of my life. Now, according to star, this is it. Nyusha admits that very happy relationship with a lover.

      “To be honest, I personally dream of a child 18 years of age. But at the time I met my soulmate. And for me, the appearance of the baby born must occur only once beside me was a man with whom I want to spend more than a day or two, and the rest of my life. One without the other for me simply does not exist”, – admitted the singer.

      Jane believes that the baby will not put an end to her career. Moreover, says the artist, she even thought this did not arise. “As the birth of children may somehow complicate my life? That’s what created all the women. This is a huge happiness! Yes, life gets harder, but nonetheless this is the way forward, this is the way to happiness” – sure celebrity.

      Recall that for the first time about the engagement she became known in January of this year. Nyusha received the ring from her chosen when she was with him on holiday in Africa. A romantic trip to another continent was a pleasant surprise for the stars. Beloved actress to the last kept secret of the destination, preserving the intrigue.

      According to the NYSE, Igor proposed to her in Kenya. “It was unforgettable!” – reported by the celebrity. Close artist was warmly welcomed by her lover. The singer is in no hurry to share the details of their relationship, believing that happiness loves silence. The star sees no need to make personal lives for discussion. According to the NYSE, she wish she was protected. In addition, the singer admitted that he never experienced such feelings, as to Igor.

      During a recent conversation with journalists Nyusha told that the ideal man does not exist. “That is why it is very important to meet the person that best to look at the world through your eyes” – quoted by the star WomanHit.ru.