Нюша: «Я вышла замуж!» The singer officially confirmed the creation of a family. Nyusha dispelled the rumors and speculation that was exaggerated for the last month. We now know that the star and her boyfriend Igor Sivov became husband and wife.

Singer Nyusha married. Now there is not the slightest reason to doubt it. Because of the fact that changes in their status, the singer said she. Nyusha decided not to torment the fans who over the last months speculated on by reading media reports about the alleged wedding singer. The news of the marriage was, and confirmations happiest bride – no. And finally Jane decided to tell the public the truth.

“I want to dispel all the rumors, speculation and gossip… Officially announce that I got married! I never talked about his personal life, so this event I carefully concealed. It’s time you about it to tell,” wrote Jane on Twitter, posting a picture together with her husband, 36-year-old Igor Sivov.

Subscribers Nyusha immediately began to congratulate the singer and her lover to start a family. They wish happiness to young and asked not to delay the birth of heirs.

“Congratulations! Happiness! Kids more”, “Congratulations, honey! You’re a great mom”, “Congratulations, that’s so good. You beauty!”, “Congratulations! Be happy! Nyusha is my favorite singer, Yay Long, happy years to your family,” said fans on the good news received by word of mouth.


Recall that the message about the secret wedding of the singer Nyusha and her lover, the President of the International Association of student sports Igor Sivova appeared in mid-July. According to insiders, the pair were married in Kazan. Then, in August, the social networks have found evidence of wedding ceremony lovers in the Maldives. However, they the happy couple chose until recently to refrain from commenting. Now, when the affair is finally revealed, fans have every reason to hope that soon they will learn the details of the marriage of the NYSE and Igor, and will see the singer in a luxurious bridesmaid dress.