Nyusha has officially unveiled the groom high society

Нюша официально представила жениха высшему обществу The singer appeared at the event along with Deputy General Advisor to the President of the International University sports Federation FISU Igor Sivov. The singer and her other half presented the awards at the closing ceremony of the KHL season.
Нюша официально представила жениха высшему обществу

Yesterday in Moscow took place the solemn closing of the season in the KHL, which was held in the concert hall “Barvikha Luxury Village”. Traditionally, the management of the hockey League presented awards to the best players.

The event was attended by many famous people, including Pavel Bure, Vyacheslav Fetisov and Vladislav Tretiak. The ceremony began Alla Mikheeva and Yevgeny Stychkin. Among the honored guests of the evening also turned out to be Fyodor Bondarchuk, Katherine Spitz, Jane, Michael Galustyan, Tina Kandelaki, Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin, Andrey Merzlikin, Zara, Victoria Dayneko and many others.

Discussion in secular circles has become not only a magnificent ceremony, which will be among the largest events of this spring, but also the first joint appearance of Nyusha and her fiancé Igor Sivova, General counsel, President of the International University sports Federation, FISU, at a formal event. The lovers looked great and smiled a lot.

Nyusha actively losing weight for the wedding

For an evening out in the light, the singer chose an elegant evening dress decorated with floral ornament. Nyusha complements your look long earrings. The chosen singer chose a classic black suit.

That evening Jane and Igor Sivov took the stage to present the awards named after Andrey Starovoytov and Michael Kalinovskogo. “We are very happy to be here and a great honor for me to announce the nominees,” said the companion of the performer. After that, the pair played the small comic scene. The lovers pretended to argue for the right to name the sports personalities.

We will add that at the moment, Nyusha and her groom are actively preparing for the wedding. It is known that a ceremony will be held in a narrow circle of relatives and friends of the couple. In one interview, the artist admitted that he didn’t want to attract too much attention to the marriage. Nyusha sure that happiness loves silence.

By the way, the singer does not hide that he had long wanted to offer hands and hearts. The chosen celebrity gave her the ring during a romantic trip to Africa. Star says that this moment will forever remain in her memory. Nyusha desperate to wait for the wedding