Нюша дала мудрый совет Егору Криду The artist shared a warning from a former lover. From the moment Egor Krid broke up with Jane, it’s been a few years. The girl left a noticeable trace in the heart of the artist. Fans never cease to think of how it could evolve the attitudes of young people.
Нюша дала мудрый совет Егору Криду

For the life of the 23-year-old Yegor creed watch millions of followers on Instagram, and last week the contractor has collected “VTB Ice Palace”. Recently the contractor has given the big interview in which has told about his attitude to modern music and the colleagues on show-to business, and to participate in the show “the Bachelor.”

Connoisseurs of rap think that Yegor carries only song in pop style, why not follow his work. The actor admitted that he has to rely on the opinion of fans. So creed rarely can afford to go to the experiments.

“You have more to lose if you do something wrong. Strange as it may sound, but told me Nyusha. At the time she told me a very proper thing. When you’re an artist and become famous, you have the audience, we should not forget about what you loved, – said the artist. Because if you score on them and do only what he want, you know that you can refuse. Here is the story of Ivan Dorn. It seemed to me that half the audience did not understand his new album with American history.”

Egor added that once created a “very tight tracks”. “That Face, I did six years ago. (…) Maybe it age talking,” – said the actor.

By the way, creed is very often called on a rap battle, but yet he has no plans to take part in such events. The contractor is confident that the basis of aggressive verbal duel must always be a real conflict. Otherwise, it’s unnatural.

“I have no animosity to anyone. There is no such person, whom I would like anger to win. For me still the battle is a kind of platform on which you must not only show your skills flow. For this there should be some kind of problem, there must be conflict and something has to be eventually resolved. I’m afraid that now, it will grow into cooperation. Like, I Gough, I bird, and you, the Restaurateur, and let sabattini. We have a lot of sponsors, you hypenate, get money and make a noise that sounds 2-3 months,” he said.

In an interview talking about the Dating show “the Bachelor,” in which girls fight for heart of the performer. For the first time to participate in the project Egor offered in 2015, when he released a self-titled album. But then, the artist refused. Become a Bachelor creed agreed only after some time.

Participant of “the Bachelor,” Alice Liss: “I have sacrificed themselves to protect Egor from the pain”

Нюша дала мудрый совет Егору Криду“I spoke with Glory by Dosmuhamedova (General producer TNT. – Ed.). Remember telling him, “you need me, I can’t be a Prince on a white horse and be nice. I don’t like this”. And he says to me: “I saw your vlogs and saw trudnosti”. I said that in this case, it will be a different format, a different show, no script, and I’m going to do everything to the maximum, until the control lens on the camera operator,” – says Yegor.

According to creed, it was very surprised by what is happening on the set. “Frankly, in this project I am wide open like an open book. Fully all about us, opened his heart and soul,” shared the artist with The Flow.