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The singer had to reshoot the clip because of the bad faith of the Director

Nyusha on shootings of the clip

Photo: Alexey Rodin

Mentor of the fourth season of the show “the Voice. Children”
Nyusha back in January of this year, began shooting the new video for
autobiographical composition “love You”. However, the release of the video fans were
not wait. The reason is the incompetence and dishonesty of the Director,
which despite everything is created for him working conditions, failed to create
beautiful and high quality clip.

“We hoped to the last that the Director
will provide the material which we have agreed prior to filming. But
unfortunately, it has not fulfilled its obligations – the video did not match
the originally agreed concept. In the end, we met up with Ilya and Funkformer
operator Sergey Prekrasnom, who promptly suggested new ideas and
the style of video that I really liked,” — says Nyusha.

The flashy outfits, lots of light, smoke,
symbols and allusions — all in new music video “your love” reminds us
why Nyusha is considered to be one of the most sought after artists
domestic show-business.

“Artistic image Nyusha solved in two
guises, I would call it intra-frame and off-screen images. On those frames
he sees a hero, it is the calmness and silence of the NYSE. But the fact that she lives
myself, when singing, this is her real emotion”, says Director Ilya Frankforter.

According to Ilya, in the clip “love You” they
tried to minimize direct interaction of the characters and
tried to Express their activity through the dancers to their internal tension,
inner tension that exists in them and is waiting for the release, emission.

“Inside heroes seething emotions, but outwardly
they remain quite calm, and this counterpoint helps us to resolve
the conflict in the final clip. And as for lovers genres we save at the end
some intrigue. But the fact remains that the feelings started,” continues

“I know that my
fans are waiting for the release of the video “love You”, and I can confidently say,
within a few weeks you will be able to see him”, — says Nyusha.

The composition itself “to love You” tells the story of
love, which the artist calls the most powerful and the main feeling for each
person. “I love you” – sincere recognition and embodiment of thoughts
the purpose of a woman is to love and be loved.