Nyusha declared a new relationship

Нюша заявила о новых отношениях The singer has shared the secret with his fans. Nyusha at the concert announced that her heart is not free. Apparently, her boyfriend has all the qualities that are so attracted to the singer.

      Today on the stage of “Crocus city Hall” Nyusha performing her show. Many fans of the singer are excited to hear the hits of the singer. However, the artist decided to surprise the audience not only bright performance – from the stage, the girl confessed that her heart is not free.

      Up to this point everyone thought that Jane is not in a relationship. The singer herself has not made any hints that she’s in someone’s in love. Not so long ago a girl went through a breakup with a young artist Egor Creed. However long she was not discouraged and understand it, what man wants to see as a life partner.

      “Appreciate wise, reliable, kind men with sense of humor. Important was the same views on family values. The necessary spark, chemical reaction, attraction to each other. But strong feelings are not uncommon,” admitted the actress.

      The singer admitted that the external data is of a young man for her is not the deciding factor in the choice of the beloved. “A couple needs to look at the world and family the same look. And, of course, man must, if not love, then at least understand my music,” said singer.

      In the spring the young singer has released a new song and the clip on it called “Kiss”. Nyusha recognized that in this song, she tried to confront the men. Apparently, this method of finding a lover was quite effective.

      “It’s no secret that men are becoming less decisive. Heard from friends that young people are afraid to take the first serious steps. Yeah, maybe it is us women who become more independent and bossy… But still, the balance between power and femininity is possible, and I am the example. “Kiss” is a challenge to men. I hope after listening to the song, they will realize that we girls are waiting for them to brave deeds!” – said the singer after the premiere of the song.