Нюша подтвердила слухи о беременности For several weeks fans have discussed the changing shape of the singer. She Nyusha has not commented on the speculation of the public and continued to speak. On Tuesday the star first talked about the upcoming replenishment in the family.
Нюша подтвердила слухи о беременности

Jane is expecting a baby. For a long time the star was hiding an interesting situation, however, fans suspected that the singer and her husband Igor Sivov ready to become parents. Now she has confirmed about the pregnancy.

“Yes, we expect replenishment. It is a great joy for me. At a certain time is not accepted to talk about it. A few months there were various rumors, I did not want to comment on something. Now it has become obvious,” said Jane.

We will remind, within several months in the Network and there were photos and videos of stars on which you could see the rounded tummy. To go out she chose loose outfits that conceal the figure. However, in the last picture shared by the star, she doesn’t hide rounded stomach. Comments to the pictures Nyusha disabled. She tightly holds the hand of a beloved spouse.

The star admitted that very much wants to be a mom. “To be honest, I personally dream of a child 18 years of age. But at the time I met my soulmate. And for me, the appearance of the baby born must occur only once beside me was a man with whom I want to spend more than a day or two, and the rest of my life. One without the other for me simply does not exist”, – says Nyusha reporters.

Sister of the singer, Maria Shurochkina, believes that it will make a good mother. “My sister is tenderness, originality, inner strength, and at the same time of external weakness. I have a very good idea mom, loving and soft. so, which dreams of any child,” Mary said in one of the TV programs.

In August last year, the singer was combined by marriage with the chosen one, Igor Sivov. They got married in the Maldives. Presumably, shortly before they signed in Kazan. Despite the age difference, the couple understand each other. Nyusha told that her husband is her support and protection.

Star asked . “I hope everyone will understand my position, and this fact will not again grow into fictional details,” said the actress Super.ru.