Нюша прокомментировала свое участие в шоу «Голос. Дети»
“I will try to objectively choose the wards,” says the singer.


Photo: press-service of the singer

with inspiration reacted to the offer to become a mentor in the
popular vocal project.

“The first seasons of “the Voice. Children”
opened the country’s incredibly talented guys, I’m sure this tradition
will continue in the new season. Of course, eposterous choose wards objectively, focusing on their performances, but, first and foremost, I will listen to your heart. Because it is important to choose those who will truly sincere and will coincide with me in its energy. In the work with clients is very important for me to share
his experience, help and guide to each of the members of my
the team was able to show clearly what their talent, their individuality,”
shared their plans Nyusha.

admits that loves children and they respond to her affection. The heat
openness and honesty Nyusha attract even the smallest
intuitively catch her positive energy.

in competitions are familiar and the not So disciplined. At the age of 17 she became
the winner of the project “STS lights the superstar” in 18 years — successfully
represented Russia at the international contest “New wave”. “I’m good
imagine how children experience on the project. So I will
for maximum support and explain that “Voice. Children” is just
the first step in the big world of unlimited possibilities, where they still
ahead. I would like to be for his team, not just creative
a mentor and friend, with whom they will not be afraid
test project”, — says Nyusha.

note that the Bruno Mars started singing at the age of five, and 8
years he wrote his first song called “Night” in English
language. The singer has a unique tone of voice and melismatic,
which, despite the complexity of execution, is easily perceived
listeners. Nyusha she writes songs and is the author of more than a hundred songs,
many of which have repeatedly occupied a leading position in
domestic charts. Her voice saying heroes of foreign cartoons, and
famous music publishing Nyusha called “the most prominent artist
in recent years”.