Нюша похвасталась особенным подарком от любимого Not so long ago the singer has admitted that she is in a relationship. Apparently, Jane is genuinely happy with the choice. It never ceases to please the girl. Recently, the actress showed fans a luxurious present from the second half.

      In early November, the 26-year-old singer Nyusha told the fans that her heart is not free. It’s been about a month. The artist showed the gifts that spoil a loved one. The celebrity shared a photo on social networks. In the picture she holds in her hands a beautiful bouquet of flowers. While Jane seems satisfied and very happy.

      It is worth noting that the singer’s chosen creative approach to choosing a present for its second half – he was pleased with her roses pale pink and yellow flowers, and wrapped the bouquet in gift paper with an unusual pattern.

      “Love you,” shared the singer in his microblog.

      Fans Nyusha congratulated her with a new relationship and wished all the best. They also noted that the actress looks great. “Beautiful”, “What a beauty”, “Fire”, “Thank you for what you have”, “Chic”, “I think I fell in love”, “Happy”, “Very delicate photo”, “Sunny”, “Who’s the lucky guy?”, “So soulful” – was discussed by the followers of a celebrity.

      It is also worth noting that, more recently, Jane has released a new song called “love You”. It was about the relationship of the lyrical heroine and her second half. Celebrity fans believe that this song reflects the changes in her personal life. They also note that the track Nyusha sentimental and very tender. The artist prefers not to comment on the speculation.

      Note that many people still can not forget the novel the NYSE and by Yegor creed. Later, the actress told reporters why he parted ways with the artist. “We have a lot of different perception. We have a different Outlook. And at some point, our vision for the future ceased to coincide”, – said the star.

      In another interview, Jane spoke about what should be her ideal man. According to the singer, she appreciates reliable, wise and good men. The star also said that he appreciates the sense of humor. But external data is not to Nyusha deciding factor. A celebrity wants to find a man who would share her views on life. In addition, the chosen artist must understand its music.