Nyusha argue with Purulent and Kirkorov live

Нюша поспорит с Гнойным и Киркоровым в прямом эфире The singer will be part of the jury of the project “Success”, which will start on STS. Her colleagues will be Philip Bedrosovich and idol of youth Purulent. Nyusha said that he really wants to help talented youngsters find their way to success.

Popular singer and author of songs Nyusha invited to become the third member of the jury of the new vocal show STS “Success”. This Sunday, November 5, the artist will defend your musical tastes together with Phillip Kirkorov and famous rapper Purulent.

“Ten years ago I won the show “STS lights superstar!”, and now I’m in the jury of the new draft STS “Success”. That’s so interesting is closed story. During this time there were hundreds of concerts and dozens of songs and awards. Probably, now I just want to help gifted children find their way to success” – shared his emotions the artist.

Nyusha admits that one of the reasons she has agreed to be part of the show, her colleagues on the project.

“Philip is a legend of the Russian stage, which never ceases to surprise the audience and us musicians. Of course, I heard about the rapper Pyo – the guy who won the Internet and made everyone listen to hour battle with great interest. They are representatives of absolutely different musical cultures. It will be interesting to discuss the show, Express their opinion and give advice” – shared Nyusha.

In the first issue, Philip and Festering will choose the four best participants. New heroes will conquer the show business without the help of producers. But all this they can lose at any time, because every week their space can occupy the less powerful heroes, ready to battle for the cause of any of the four.

The artist also began his career with participation in the STS.

“I was born into a family of musicians, but no one ever telling me music. My first song I’ve written in eight years. I had a huge dream to share their music with others. However, coming to different auditions, I heard the denials, and excuses (like, even a little), but did not give up and still got in the show “STS lights superstar!”. Participation in this project was very difficult, and every performance a struggle with complexes and fears. And I am very grateful to all the people who were there and literally trained me in the very beginning of this journey,” shared Jane.