Numerologist: “Valeria will soon be a grandmother.”

Нумеролог: «Валерия скоро станет бабушкой» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the artist. Today Valeria birthday. She was 49 years old. According to numerology, soon to star in for a real success in his career, and three years later – the addition to the family.

      Today Valeria celebrates 49th birthday. Star tours extensively, records albums. Recently she released a sensual video for “Microinfarcts”, which was appreciated by her fans. Since 2004, the artist happily married to producer Joseph Prigozhin. We strive to grow three children: 23-year-old Anna, a 22-year-old Artem and 18-year-old Arseny.

      Valeria made a scene with a partner

      Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the singer and made a prediction for its future. According to the specialist, the celebrity is a very talented person. Family and friends appreciate Valerie for her responsiveness and kindness.

      “Valeria was born in “the Day of serious purpose,” says Clara. Life code – 369347 –actress says that she’s the host of a sign of progress and very artistic person. She is one of those people who never throw in trouble and always help in difficult times. Good and fair, Valeria does not tolerate cheating, but she loves to embellish the event to give them drama. In other words, the star likes to make mountains out of molehills”.

      Says Kuzenbaeva, Valeria inclined to doubt his talents. According to the expert, the artist sometimes not enough energy, so during the day she can suffer mood swings.

      “The star is very lucky to have her there so calm and balanced person like Joseph Prigozhin. First, he is able to calm his wife, to give her the right advice, and secondly, has outstanding intellectual abilities, which is very important for Valerie – she’s not every man is interested. Born in “the day of the idealist,” Joseph used to give 100%, he does nothing halfway. He has a Golden quality to men – he is able to sacrifice their own interests in the name of his beloved wife. His life code – 314279 is also notable for the fact that the producer is a donor for his wife, from this we can conclude that celebrities are perfect for each other,” said the numerologist.

      Clara Kuzenbaeva said that Valeria is one year when it is often necessary to engage in energy practices that she could absorb their energy. Anna Shulgina publicly asked for forgiveness from the mother

      “Next year will be a singer for a period of recovery and huge success, as well as material take-off. And in ‘ 52 it is waiting for a new turn in his career, the peak of fame and recognition. Besides, this year her daughter Anna happy mother of the first grandson”, – said the expert.