Нумеролог: «Злопамятность Шепелева может довести его до серьезной болезни» Since the death of the singer Zhanna Friske 15 June it will be three years, but the scandal around her name still does not subside. Civilian spouse died from cancer star Dmitry Shepelev continues to fight with his parents and sister Jeanne Natalia, not allowing the sole heir of Joan, five-year-old Plato, to see relatives on my mother’s side.
Нумеролог: «Злопамятность Шепелева может довести его до серьезной болезни»

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of the presenter and made a prediction on his future and suggested, why is he so behaves with relatives of the once beloved woman.

“Dmitry was born on the Day of fate, – says Clara. – He is a carrier of th mark of artistry. His life code – 2911257 says that he willed character. He was one of those who are not used to stop halfway and always achieves its goals. That is why Shepelev, unfortunately, is not inferior to the Friske family and, most likely, will not yield, if he decided to stand his ground, will maintain that position until the last. Besides, Dmitry overly emotional, makes decisions based on his feelings, not paying attention to the voice of reason”.

“Shepelev very vindictive, life remembers their abusers. Even if deep down he understands what is wrong and Plato it would be useful to communicate with my mother’s parents, because the boy not guilty, that they have a dad not a relationship, but he do not go to meet them, because it feels to them hostility.”

“In private life his character was difficult to get along with him difficult – he is impatient and his character only gets worse, says Kuzenbaeva. – Plus, Dmitry haughty and overly ambitious, to achieve their plans ready to go for anything. He is merciless to people – if someone fell in his eyes or has committed a misdemeanor, Dimitri will never forgive that person. He should tame his pride, or he will begin to pursue the disease. Especially dangerous period of 38 years. Is attentive to their health, to monitor the condition of the kidneys and digestive tract”.

“But there is in his nature good, nice features – no wonder Jeanne loved him. He is charismatic, party animal, lucky and eloquent, never got greedy. Dmitry is a good friend and lover.”