Numerologist: “the Daughter of Yulia Savicheva commanded the mother»

Нумеролог: «Дочь Юлии Савичевой командует мамой» The recent finalist of the 2nd “factory of stars” Julia Savicheva makes to talk about themselves. Julia finally returned to the stage after the birth of her daughter Anna (glorious event happened in July of last year), and also gave a controversial interview in which has told how she survived the death of the unborn baby. 14 Feb Julia will celebrate her 31st birthday. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva learned the date of birth of the actress and made a prediction for its future.

“Julia was born in “the Day cold smile,” says Clara. Her life code – 323303 means that she is the bearer of the sign rehabilitation the human soul, it would make a great psychologist. She is very warm-hearted man, would be able to treat the word not only the body but also the soul. Also stars have a feature to ignore someone else’s pain. Plus, she is patient, fair and very talented voice Savicheva able to bewitch the people.”

“Julia is not fixated on the material, easy to part with money. The artist is a nice feature to be able to be happy even with three cents in his pocket.”

“Star is a good mother, the perfect wife. In the family Savicheva almost conflicts do not exist, then harmony reigns. The celebrity is clearly expressed line of the family, she gives all of herself to her daughter and husband. It will always show leniency to her daughter, to live her interests.

As for the negative qualities of Julia, she has low self-esteem. She gives in to her husband, tend to obey him in all things. Even the daughter when you grow up, will command the mother, because of the weak spirit. Julia also loves to be lazy and postpone things for later, and forever all doubts, she lacks confidence in themselves and their abilities. Everything else is her inherent sense of dissatisfaction with life itself. Attitude to life she will change after 37 years, when the period of recovery. Her career will go up, and she once again will become a mother – this time she delivers a male child”.

“This year it is waiting for material success, a major acquisition”.

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