Numerologist: “Svetlana Loboda needs to be protected from the evil eye”

Нумеролог: «Светлане Лободе нужно беречься от сглаза» The singer celebrates 35th birthday. This year Svetlana has received two music awards as the best performer, according to channels RU.TV and Muz-TV. Heart Loboda free. She has a teenage 6-year-old daughter, Evangelina.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the actress and made a prediction for its future.

“Svetlana was born in “the Day of personal leadership,” says Clara. Her life code – 3032810 means it’s creative. The same alignment Nikolai Baskov, they are very close to each other in spirit. Svetlana – female-amulet. Wherever she appeared, all around blossoms. If she would have become a businessman, all of which she hadn’t touched it would bring money. Although the material did not really care, it is easy to part with money like to spend money on loved ones and delight them with expensive gifts or can lend and forget,” said numerologist.

According to Clara, the problem of the famous singer that she lacks patience and perseverance. She needs all at once, this very minute. On the one hand, this is one of the reasons why the star was able to succeed, but prevent her to find harmony with yourself.

“Another feature of the character Loboda – in the home with her is not easy. She likes to nitpick, constantly mumbling. But she’s honest and a great friend will always lend a helping hand, never betray you,” said Clara.

The expert said that the singer needs to learn to give people – she can’t say “no” and often suffers because of this. Surrounding use it for their own purposes. Also Loboda should stop doubting yourself and finally understand how much she has achieved. Also her inherent fears that are pulling her down. If Loboda get rid of all your doubt, it will become even more successful.

According to numerology, Svetlana inherent sense of possessiveness, she doesn’t like when people mess with her stuff. It is well known to staff that works with her. Shifted from place to place in the dressing room of a concert costume could turn into a scandal.

“This year she’s successful, she may find her love until next year to become a mother. If this does not happen, she’ll write another hit, which will bring her more popularity. But there is one condition – the song must be compassionate, and about bitchy and independent woman,” added Clara.

“Svetlana needs to wear a lot of jewelry because it is susceptible to the evil eye. The abundance of rings, earrings, and bracelets will help the star to protect against envy,” – said Kuzenbaeva.