Нумеролог: «Светлана Иванова страдает от ревности Джаника Файзиева» Not inclined to be Frank about his personal life, the actress became a mother for the second time. About replenishment in the family of Svetlana Ivanova shared in his Instagram.
Нумеролог: «Светлана Иванова страдает от ревности Джаника Файзиева»

Father son 32-year-old celebrity is the film Director dzhanik Fayziev. It is known that the couple already has a child – 5-year-old daughter Pauline, which she had still married to another woman Fayzieva.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied birth dates Ivanova and her lover and made a forecast of how the birth of a second child will affect their fate.

“Life code Svetlana – 404369 says that she was born on the Day of patient practice, says Clara. Celebrity has an incredible reserve of patience, it is almost impossible to ruffle. She is calm and fair man, to disturb the harmony of her soul can only problems of others – for loved ones Ivanova experiencing more than for himself. The seemingly easy temper, she’s prone to mood swings and depression, often closed in itself. She has a lot of systems, it is insecure, gives in to others. Even their own children, becoming older, will twist the rope. She will fulfill any of their whims, nothing will be able to refuse.”

“Life code him – 279213 – says that he was born the day of the tangible presence. He is the bearer of the sign of progress and sign of the patron. The Director is very kind and self-sufficient man, he has good energy”.

“But the character in the home it is not easy – continues numerologist. – He is jealous and vindictive, his emotions will prevail over reason: Janik inclined to speak first, and then to think, than is often hurting loved ones. That is why he was lucky that he met Svetlana – the only such patient and calm woman is able to endure the difficult nature of Fayzieva. It is almost a perfect character keeps their couple. But on the other hand, Janik became a kind of a magic wand. If the actress was not seen, perhaps, many years would be one – the program is written late marriage, only after 37 years. By the way, two children a couple will not stop. In the next two years, celebrity would become a large family.

But for all his difficult nature to always forgive Him. He is the soul of the company, liked by all. The minion of fortune! On Fayzieva was impossible to take offense, so he is charming. At its core Moneymaker, completely devoid of a superficial Outlook on life: doing directorial work, Faiziev knows acting and screenwriting, and cinematography craft. For his work he is given with fanaticism, can not work half-heartedly, which is why have achieved a lot”.