Numerologist: “Son Lights Svetikovoy can jinx”

Нумеролог: «Сына Светы Светиковой могут сглазить» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the performer. November 24 star of the musicals was 34 years old. The expert gave some advice to the artist. According to Clara, the Light of Svetikovoy should be afraid of bad influence.
Нумеролог: «Сына Светы Светиковой могут сглазить»

On Friday, the singer Light Svetikova celebrates 34th birthday. She became known in 2003 through participation in the third season of the project “Factory of stars”. After the Light show has devoted himself to music, and recorded some clips performed with a solo program. Recent years, celebrity has switched to a family. Svetikova recently became a mother for the second time: September 24, she had a son Christian. The singer and her husband, figure skater-acrobat Alexey Polishchuk, growing up the eldest son – 4-year-old Milan.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the actress and made a prediction for its future.

“Light was born in “the Day of absurd hilarity,” says Clara. – To regain its former popularity as a singer, if you want to focus on life-affirming songs and never sing about Heartbreak and unrequited love. Her life code 2911257 means that she was destined to become famous, the middle way, the star is not given. Svetikova very charming by nature, people are drawn to it. She’s the donor kind, not afraid of being alone – she’s fine with myself. The soul of the company, patient and fair, of Light is always the center of attention and loves to share his energy.”

According to the expert, the performer is a lovely hostess who devotes a lot of time at home. “She loves to cook and to decorate your home. If she hadn’t become a singer, it would have been an architect – she is so obsessed with the beauty around you,” notes Clara.

At the same time, Svetikovoy there are a number of negative qualities. Despite them, the artist has always enjoyed success with the opposite sex.

Нумеролог: «Сына Светы Светиковой могут сглазить»“This is a categorical, pride and excessive ambition. Besides, she is lazy, does not like to work. But the program spelled out a woman’s happiness, men are always drawn to it – added numerologist. – The program Lights a lot of units, this tells us that she loves to put pressure on others with his authority, that many of her uncomfortable.”

In the future the star of the musicals expect positive changes in life. As suggested Kuzenbaeva, Svetikova waiting for success in business. However, it will not last forever – six years later, the singer should slow down and focus on the family.

“Today in the life of a star begins the favourable area, she will drive around. But in forty years we can take a breath and put his career on pause, or the desire to earn extra money can result in the deception of loved ones and financial ruin,” said Clara.

In addition, Kuzenbaeva made a forecast for the future of children Svetikovoy. According to numerology, eldest son of the artist is creativity, and the younger can get a wonderful doctor.

“Fate loves the World and gave her a very interesting children. Both sons bring their parents good luck. Milan was born in “the Day the noble gesture”, he is a very talented boy, a creative person. He will become a famous and rich man, if not to be lazy – pull to postpone Affairs on then his mom. Milan must wear the amulet, as it is prone to evil eye, – said the expert. – Christian differs from his brother in character, he’s a kind boy in the future he will be a very close and tender relationship with her mother. As an adult Christian will be like women. He’d make a good doctor.”