Numerologist: “Scandal Samburski and Buzova has arisen because of the recession”

Нумеролог: «Скандал Самбурской и Бузовой возник из-за периода спада» Star series “Univer” expect a radical change this year. Today Nastasya Samburski celebrates the thirtieth anniversary. According to the forecasts of Clara Kuzenbaeva, soon the artist can become a mother, but also to achieve considerable success in their careers.

      Today, March 1, Nastasya Samburski turned 30. To her age, the star has achieved a lot: she actively acted in television series, plays at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and writes songs. The artiste thrilled the audience by releasing the song “Bad boys” and “BL*d”. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the actress and said that he expects Samburski in the anniversary year. According to the specialist, 30 years of life will present many surprises.

      “Life code nastasi – 2911279 says that she was born in a day “Artistic sensitivity”. She’s the host of a sign of fame and belongs to the category of people who are not the middle way. She is ambitious and talented, smart and charismatic. The actress is a wonderful friend, always come to the rescue and tend to help those in need. She is not greedy and the compassionate, will give the last penny. Nastasya do people intangible, spends money easily and only after seeing that her purse is empty, grabs his head. Star lucky, honest and intelligent, she was not interested to communicate with people of average ability, in man she appreciates intelligence,” said Clara.

      According to numerology, girls have good intuition, when dealing with her, better not to cheat, she instantly recognizes the lie. However, as noted Kuzenbaeva, sometimes to get along with Samburski can be difficult.

      “For all its positive qualities, the celebrity is very adamant, at times, it overwhelms the pride. Home Samburski sometimes very difficult. She’s a notorious perfectionist and always cranky. Today the actress is going through a period of decline. Hence these scandals with Olga Buzova, with Maxim Fadeev… Oppressive Nastasya feels lack of energy and this translates into a conflict. In my opinion, it’s not worth it, and the star must learn not to react to external stimuli,” explained Clara.

      Olga Buzova continued scandal Nastasya Samburski

      According to the forecast, after the birthday Samburski starts a good period. Star expects career growth and financial growth.

      “The only thing that can prevent – laziness, which is constantly beset Nastassja. It is even possible that before his 31 birthday celebrity will become a mother. However, with the father of the child she is unlikely to save the relationship. A year of destiny for the stars will be 2023 minutes- she would meet a man with whom will be together for the rest of life. The actress will be flexible and patient, learn forgiveness, and the ability to remain silent,” said Kuzenbaeva.