Numerologist: “Polina Gagarina Alla Pugacheva – astral sisters”

Numerologist: "Polina Gagarina Alla Pugacheva - astral sisters" Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the singer. The actress celebrates birthday today. Polina Gagarina was 30 years old. According to numerology, celebrity very sympathetic to the prima Donna.

      Popular singer Polina Gagarina is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary. Two years ago, the star represented Russia at the musical contest “Eurovision”, won the second place. Personal life of Pauline too, everything is going perfectly. A celebrity married to photographer Dmitry Isakov, a couple with nine-year-old son Gagarina Andrei from the marriage of Peter Kislov. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the singer and made a prediction for its future.

      “Pauline was born in “the day of the resourceful individualist,” – said the expert. Her life code – 3710336 says that she’s the host of a sign of popularity. Pauline must never rest on our laurels and to strive to increase that it, by and large, does. Great hard worker, remarkably, Gagarin has the same sign as Alla Pugacheva – 336. From this we can conclude that Pauline and Diva – astral sisters and very sympathetic to each other”.

      According to Kuzenbaeva, Pauline – a domineering personality, which can predict the future. As noted numerologist, four threes in the program of the star say that she is very creative nature, and it is possible to try not only on stage but also in art.

      “But in a life character of the girl is not the easiest, she is jealous and dogmatic. However, these qualities fade into the background when Polina enables its charm – as the owner of the three sevens in the life program, it refers to the number of people who are able to fall in love with all around. This is especially true for men – Gagarin of those women that is happy doing their elected representatives throughout their life,” said Clara.

      According to numerology, spouse of Pauline Dmitry, according to the life code is a donor and is able to feed it energy, which the artist lacks.

      “Isakov was useless to argue, and luckily, Pauline is aware of this characteristics of her husband and rarely goes against him, so that in the home of celebrities doesn’t even happen scandals. Besides, Dmitry is a very sincere person and a great friend – these qualities help to maintain a balance in the family stars, compensating for the rigidity of the character Gagarina. For a family budget from the stars meets Pauline, because to answer this question in financial terms – a man of careless, money in his hands not holding up,” said Kuzenbaeva.

      This year, according to the expert, Yuri Gagarin will be a success and popularity. According to the forecast of Clara, the singer’s a boy. However, after 13 years in the family of the actress will also appear third child, a baby girl.

      “Since Pauline impatient nature, and her kids will need a nanny. And not just the nanny, but the woman, having in its code of life Quartet – a quiet, meek and patient,” – said Clara.