Нумеролог: «Пелагея терпит сложный характер мужа» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the singer. Today the actress is celebrating a birthday. The expert believes that despite the difficulties that arise in the relationship of Pelagia and her husband Ivan Telegin, their marriage will be long and strong, and a daughter destined to become a famous journalist or designer.
Нумеролог: «Пелагея терпит сложный характер мужа»

Today, the singer Pelageya turned 31. The star has completely devoted herself to raising her daughter Taisia, who was born six months ago. Hockey player Ivan Telegin helping wife take care of the baby. Athlete adores beautiful heiress. Star numerologist Clara Kudebaeva studied date of birth Pelagia and made a prediction for its future.

Нумеролог: «Пелагея терпит сложный характер мужа»“The singer was born in “the Day an eloquent storyteller,” says Clara. Her life code – 369347 means that it is a carrier of signs of progress and artistry. If it failed singer, Pelageya could become a judge, lawyer or diplomat, as she is very fair and very hard man but also likes and knows how to work.”
Нумеролог: «Пелагея терпит сложный характер мужа»

According to numerology, the performer in the entire fortune. Clara believes that the artist is unlikely to ever be deprived of male attention.

“The star refers to the type of women who do not face alone. In its life the program of two sevens, which makes it a darling of fortune. But the presence of a celebrity of remarkable intelligence and analytical skills made a star capricious in the choice of friends and life partner. Singer interesting not for every person, it is hard to get along with. In addition, the program is missing two, which characterizes it as tyrannous, not ready to make concessions, are prone to depression and often an end in itself,” notes Kuzenbaeva.
Нумеролог: «Пелагея терпит сложный характер мужа»

Clara believes that 2018 will greatly change the life of Pelagia. Celebrity calls this time is extremely favorable period for the stars.

Нумеролог: «Пелагея терпит сложный характер мужа»“Today’s the day her life began a streak of light, and in 32 years it may again become mother and to release a new album. Celebrity expects a period of recovery – shared numerologist. – The main thing for Pelagia – never to stop there and not be afraid to take risks, then her life will have good luck”.
Нумеролог: «Пелагея терпит сложный характер мужа»

Kuzenbaeva analyzed date of birth of the spouse of the artist, Ivan Telegin. The husband and wife perfectly find a common language and never ceases to demonstrate the idyll in relations. As noted by Clara, the Union of athlete and singer is very strong.

Нумеролог: «Пелагея терпит сложный характер мужа»“Pelagia has great patience. It’s very hands Ivan, because in order to make it, you need to be an angel. He was born in “a Hot day”, his emotions will prevail over reason, he may rashly say something nasty to hurt her husband… He is the bearer of the sign of authority, bossy, says numerologist. – Despite the fact that he’s younger, he dominates over his wife, but it’s worth noting, wringing like she was searching for the man who might be as behind a stone wall. Besides, the singer and the athlete the perfect sexual compatibility, so I think their marriage will be very long, if not will last a lifetime”.

According to Clara, the daughter Pelagia is a great career. The numerologist said that the heiress actress will conquer the summit due to its solid nature and high intelligence.

“Daughter of the stars she was born in “the day of the successful” she’s the high line implementation, it will only achieve in life will be an ardent climber. In its programme for six units, so parents should be prepared: this girl will try to manipulate them. The baby should give chess a sport because it is inherent tenacity and high intelligence. Also it can make a well-known designer and journalist,” – said Kuzenbaeva.