Numerologist: “Oleg Menshikov tortures wife with my despotism”

Нумеролог: «Олег Меньшиков мучает жену своим деспотизмом» Oleg Menshikov today marks 57 years. Actor and theatre Director is the head of the Moscow drama theatre named after M. N. Yermolova. In the personal life of a celebrity is good: He is happily married to actress Anastasia Chernova. Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the actor.
Нумеролог: «Олег Меньшиков мучает жену своим деспотизмом»

The famous actor Oleg Menshikov’s birthday today. The last five years, the actor and theater Director successfully manages the theater. Movie star for 12 years, married to actress Anastasia Chernova. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of Oleg Evgenevich did forecast its future.

“Life code 101 268 actor says that he was born in “Day milestone,” says Clara. – He is the bearer of the sign business, this explains the fact that he was a good Director of the theatre – Menshikov knows how to lead like no other. Financial issues it is also possible to trust without fear – he knows how to count money, not a spender, sometimes even a little bit greedy. He is a charismatic personality and has tremendous magnetism, being with him, it is impossible not to begin to sympathize with him. But in everyday life with Oleg Evgenyevich difficult,” – said the expert.
Нумеролог: «Олег Меньшиков мучает жену своим деспотизмом»

According to numerology, actor despotic, often tormented relatives with excessive tenacity and lack of tact. Straightforward and with a complete lack of a sense of flexibility, He doesn’t tolerate criticism and does not like it when you disagree with him – the one who started the dispute with him, is doomed to become the enemy of the stars. Therefore, domestic prefer not to mess with him. Especially in periods when Oleg Evgenyevich mood swings, and he acts like a hurt child. Clara noted that the star is inherent to the spirit, he cannot stand to be near people, more successful at something than he is. The artist tries to subjugate people, but that his behavior is in most cases remains invisible, because attempts to influence a person’s Oleg always carries out, using all his natural charm. About such as it is, say, soft sell, hard to sleep.

“But for all his stiffness, He doesn’t know how to Dodge and susceptible to flattery, it is easy to deceive – this is often used by the people around him. From celebrity completely lack intuition, so he should listen to the advice of his wife Anastasia, as a woman, more sensitive people and could give your spouse helpful hints,” – said Kuzenbaeva.

Clara summed up that year, Menshikov’s good, he was waiting for the shooting to a successful project that will bring him even greater popularity and financial gain.