Numerologist: “Nargiz Zakirova will get married soon”

Нумеролог: «Наргиз Закирова скоро выйдет замуж» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the singer. Star numerologist confident that very soon Nargiz Zakirov expect significant changes in his personal life. The expert does not exclude that the actress will again play a wedding.
Нумеролог: «Наргиз Закирова скоро выйдет замуж»

Today the singer was 47 years. Last year, the celebrity went through a divorce. Nargis have three children – daughters Sabina and Layla and son Auel. In addition, Zakirova is the grandson of Noah, the son of the eldest heir. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the singer and made a prediction for its future.

Нумеролог: «Наргиз Закирова скоро выйдет замуж»“Nargis was born in “the Day of dignified life,” says Clara. – She is kind and self-sufficient personality, emotional, great hard worker, charismatic and loved by all. Such a talented and creative nature was destined to become famous, in all periods of life she was able to stand out from the crowd in appearance and character.”

Specialist thinks Zakirova could be a great leader and a talented businessman. At the same time Nargiz, says Kuzenbaeva, there are disadvantages, which cause others discomfort.

“But the vital code of the singer – 246123 means that she suffers from mood swings and often oppressive. This affects everyone who surrounds the star – relatives, friends and acquaintances. It is these outbursts of aggression make her writing all sorts of field in social networks and to scare his fans, says Kuzenbaeva. Besides Nargis domineering, bossy and subjugate people. She has a keen sense of justice, it’s worth it to see the deception or betrayal, she immediately gets angry. Those who argue with her, she speaks very harshly, using foul language. Generally it is better not to communicate – in pursuit of the truth, she may go to court.”

According to numerology, Nargis worked hard to become known. The star is hardly a minion of fortune, but she sometimes still gets on her side and gives gifts.

The ex-spouse Nargiz Zakirova: “She knows that I want to get into “the Voice”

“It all goes to labor, from the sky she did not fall. The star is rather prudent and practical, she does not like to lend and know how to count money. She is bitchy, loves messing with people. However, it is sharper than on the language, the fate of her supportive – if Zakirova was shy and quiet, not to see her popularity,” – said the expert.

Very soon, I’m sure Clara, a celebrity expect a change in my personal life. Numerologist does not rule out that Nargis is combined by marriage with the chosen one. In addition, Zakirov waiting for success in their careers.

“This year she’s good for a change in their personal lives, it can meet second half and to get married. 50 years waiting for her Grand success, fame and popularity, a new milestone in his career,” said Kuzenbaeva.

At the same time, Zakirova, says the numerologist, should be attentive to their health. “She can have vascular problems and frequent colds. Also she needs to pay attention to the condition of the thyroid,” – said Clara.