Numerologist: “Masha Rasputina is afraid of betrayal”

Нумеролог: «Маше Распутиной стоит бояться измены» Popular actress today marks 54-letie. According to Kuzenbaeva Clara, Masha Rasputina, it is not easy in family life. The specialist advises the star idealizing the relationship with the spouse.
Нумеролог: «Маше Распутиной стоит бояться измены»

Today the singer turns 54. Became popular in the late 80-ies of the last century, Rasputin, and to this day remains one of the most famous pop singers. In his personal life, Masha is good, it’s almost 20 years of happy marriage with businessman Viktor Zakharov, the couple has a daughter Maria, which in September was 18. The singer has a kid from his first marriage with producer Vladimir Yermakov, Lida.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied birth date Rasputina and made a prediction for its future. “Mary was born in “the Day of natural charm,” says Clara. Her life code – 2911279 means that it is a carrier of signs fame and progress. Despite the fact that celebrity seem particularly frivolous, it actually has great analytical skills and very smart.

The strongest analyst with a strong character, Rasputin is the type of women whom they say – they say that she herself did. She was never given a reason: to achieve all that she has, Rasputina had to work hard. Plus, she has tremendous charisma and have an inexhaustible source of energy that will allow her 20 years to go on stage, igniting the audience with their hits. But it should be recognized that the peak of a career Rasputina still behind. She has, of course, not to see the popularity and rise as before. Most vivid in his artist happened to her 49 years, she is now already is on the decline. However, after the birth her life begins a very good band – can write a new hit. Most importantly, the song was not compassionate about the unfortunate love – Mache, on the contrary, you need to sing something positive.

In family life, the singer is a very complicated man. It would seem, on the one hand is very patient, at times she is very bossy, what gives a lot of inconvenience to the husband and younger daughter living with her in the same area. It also categorical and overly proud of her own truth. But in her character there is sacrifice and, having splashed out emotions on someone from home, Mary, with feelings of guilt, you are looking to put up. Most importantly, what Rasputina should learn to stop idealizing your relationship with her husband. If she does not listen to this advice, waiting for her betrayal and even treason.”