Numerologist: “lolita, you need to pretend in front of husband”

Нумеролог: «Лолите нужно притворяться перед мужем» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star. Lolita birthday party. The expert is sure that today it is an opportune period, which will bring her incredible success.

The singer lolita Milavskaya today marks 54 years. Which became popular in the mid 80s, founding, together with Alexander Tsekalo pop group Cabaret Duo “Academy”, in 2000, the celebrity began a solo career and still is in the top line top chat. In the personal life of the artist all too well – having lived through four divorces, she married tennis player Dmitry Ivanov, for seven years of happy married. From his third marriage at the Palladium has a daughter, Eva, who lives with her grandmother in Kiev.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of a celebrity and made a prediction for its future.

“Lolita was born in “the day of the researcher of the outside world,” says Clara. – It is a carrier of the sign business and sign of power. Interestingly, the singer of classical numerology judge, lawyer or diplomat. It’s fair, but it is quite a hard man with a strong character. Lolita has very nice energy to be around her – continuous pleasure. She has excellent intuition, would not advise anyone to cheat star – IBA feels lie a mile away and not forgive the lying to her. She has a keen sense of justice that often makes her nervous because of the imperfection of our world. However, sometimes a celebrity tend to exaggerate the problems and make mountains out of molehills. In your code Lolita three sixes says that she used a lot of work. She never got it just for all the benefits that star has now, she had to work for it. For such people, as she keeps the land.”

The expert notes that the actress is a very cautious man. Kuzenbaeva drew attention to the fact that Lolita has a habit of helping others, which always leads to negative consequences by providing support, the star still gets the blame. Clara is confident that from today, her life began a wonderful period – the year tens. In her opinion, Lolita is waiting for the popularity and success, the star will write a new hit. But it needs to not be about its independence, as usual, but on the contrary, something compassionate, lyric, to take over the soul.

“To the family star always reigned harmony, she needs to learn how to pretend to be weak and defenseless, then the husband will cherish it even more. She has a code of conduct of a little girl and she needs to meet him, so she was always lucky,” said Clara.

Numerologist advises to suspend creative activity in three years. In her opinion, this is a dangerous period, possible betrayal by business partners and financial losses. The singer also tedious at this time to avoid conflicts.

“In 58 years of the star need to be especially attentive to their health, it can fail. And the 59 in her life will begin again the favorable period,” forecast Kuzenbaeva.