Numerologist: “Irina Saltykova need to be careful with men”

Нумеролог: «Ирине Салтыковой нужно быть осторожнее с мужчинами» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star. According to him, several times in the life of Irina Saltykova faced with betrayal, so I became less trusting of people.

Today, the fifth of may, Irina Saltykova marks 51 years. A few years ago, the star of the 90s tried myself as a businesswoman. Irina owned company, making and repairing clothes, but in 2015 it closed. Privacy Saltykov trying to advertise. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of Irina and made a prediction for its future.

“Irina was born in “day of the awakening of practicality,” says Clara. Her life code 325 224 says that she’d be a wonderful doctor. Donor for psycho and very charming, patient and fair girl, she is the person who gives others their energy. Despite the fact that is a skeptic, Irina has the gift to predict the future, sees things dreams and has the makings of a psychic.”

According to Kuzenbaeva, Saltykov did not know how to refuse people, so was often to blame in a given situation. However, according to numerologist, with age, the actress managed to get rid of it.

“The life of Irene was not easy – its share has fallen a lot of tests: it wasn’t an easy period when she was at the peak of popularity, and then disappeared from the TV screens. Ira – a brave man, but I doubt. The last years of her life was a black stripe, but after the birth of her waiting period of fame and success. But in order to back to her former popularity, Saltykova need to be proactive,” explained Kuzenbaeva.

Clara believes that Irina is inclined to idealize relationships with men and expect the satellite too much. “I would advise her to be cautious in dealing with the opposite sex and listening to intuition: men often want to use it for their own selfish purposes. But there is good news in 55 years, the artist will meet a man who will love with all my heart and who will respond to her affection. 52 Irina is somewhere to invest – the year of deception and intrigue,” – said the numerologist.

Irina Saltykova: “a Weak man I don’t need!”

Moreover, as explained Kuzenbaeva, in a short time the singer might be interested in religion, because in its programme there is a predisposition to it.