Нумеролог: «Игорь Петренко ругается с женой из-за ревности» Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the artist and made a prediction for the future. The expert is sure: Igor Petrenko expects a period of recovery, when everywhere and in everything he will have good luck. However, the woman thinks he should pay more attention to the family environment and their own health.
Нумеролог: «Игорь Петренко ругается с женой из-за ревности»

Igor Petrenko today was 40. The actor actively removed: this year premiered three projects that participated Petrenko: films “Winter” and “Sleeping”. “You all piss me off”. Igor has four children: a 10-year-old Matthew and 9-year-old Roots from a former wife Ekaterina Klimova and two-year Sofia-Carolina and seven-month-old baby, the name of which the parents are still kept secret, from the current wife, actress Kristina Brodsky. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of Igor and made a prediction on his future.

“Igor was born in “Day of the living refinement,” says Clara. His program is very remarkable: in the code rarely meet four threes. This shows hypersaline Petrenko. Also in his program written sign fame – he could not become famous. Life code -3710336 actor says that he has tremendous charisma, a great friend and loved by everyone. But his problem is that he is proud, overly ambitious, all the time doubting yourself and the whole shrouded in fear and doubt that life pulled him back.

To find harmony with himself, he must engage in meditation, this will help the star to stop being depressed and withdraw into themselves. Also star can help new job. Igor has a unique voice – if he hadn’t become an actor, he’d make a gorgeous singer. If he chooses to replenish the number of pop artists, it will also help him to get rid of mood swings”.

According to numerology, in the near future the artist will forget about worries and worries, as all will begin to take shape as butter.

“Last year was difficult for the artist, but as of today, Igor starts a period of recovery – sure, Clara Kuzenbaeva. – It will be lucky in the financial sector, it will soon become the owner of his own luxury real estate. But the family can start a quarrel. His wife, like himself, very ambitious and proud. Christine, according to her code – 3252810 is a difficult character, because of what the family often happen scandals – including from-for jealousy. But they complement each other: Brodskaya feeds her husband’s energy, which he lacks. Also, she brings her famous husband good luck.”

The expert is sure: actor pays little attention to her health. According to numerology, he is weak, but because he needs to think about proper nutrition and regular exercise.