Нумеролог: «Елене Ксенофонтовой следует опасаться обмана» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future actress. According to experts, a couple of years, Elena’s life Ksenofontova will instantly change. The actress will be able to establish a privacy and peace in the family.

The star of the show “Hotel Eleon” Elena Ksenofontova today celebrates its 45th anniversary. The actress is not married, she has two children – 14-year-old Timothy and 6-year-old Sophia. Now the actress is fighting for the younger child with the former civil husband Alexander of Red. Share Elena has had a lot of challenges. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of a celebrity and made a forecast of how soon her personal life. Elena Ksenofontova continues to fight with her ex-husband for her daughter

“Life code 303 2810 Helena, says Clara. – It means that she’s an artist, was born in “the Day of earth’s gravity”. Lena is a very charismatic, over-achiever, loved by all. The star of the haughty and dogmatic, overly ambitious and very emotional, with her not so easy to be in. Its code is missing the four that suggests that, celebrities need to learn to be more balanced, to do yoga”.

According to experts, it is very talented, she has a gorgeous taste. It has a design skills, loves to decorate your home and could become an architect or a specialist interior design.

“She did not know how to adapt to other people, because of this, she has occasional problems in his personal life. Does not protect even its enormous charm. Besides, Lena is someone who needs everything at once, she can’t wait. Often lazy. All these traits need to take to meet a decent man,” says Clara.

Kuzenbaeva notes that the actress is non-greedy, it is easy to part with money, even a little spender – can easily spend a salary for a month for hours and loves shopping. Numerologist calls Elena wasteful and impractical, but notes that she does not know how to lie and cheat.

“The line of the family she is not very pronounced, the star can be called an ideal mother, but not the perfect wife. It is worth noting that the actress is not depressing – she knows how to be happy alone. She’s good with herself. It is an energy donor and is able to share its charge with others, to nurture them,” says Clara.

According to experts, today in the life of the actress begins a difficult period. She needs to be careful behind the wheel, traveling with large purchases. Kuzenbaeva advises her to visit the spiritual places, to engage in spiritual growth. You also need to protect your health. But in a 47 all immediately improve – go to the mountain quarry, can meet a good man.