Нумеролог: «Диме Билану стоит опасаться сглаза» Today the actor celebrates his birthday. Dima turned 36 years old. According to Clara Kuzenbaeva, he should protect himself, because he works a lot. In his career he’ll be successful, besides, Bilan should think about writing musical arrangements.

Today Dima Bilan turned 36 years old. About half of my life artist pleased his fans with hits. Recently he also actively participates in the work on the project “the Voice.” Dima is the mentor one of the teams, and his players praised the singer for his professionalism. Also this year came the film “Hero” which Bilan played a major role. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the contractor.

“He was born in “the Day of complex emotions.” He is a carrier for the thousandth mark. It is very strong-willed character. All affects his sexual energy, but the singer prefers solitude, as he is a donor, who does not like big crowds. That is why after the concerts he gets tired,” said Kuzenbaeva.

According to numerology, because of the characteristics of Bilan other people should not engage him in debate, he always has his own truth. The artist does not like criticism, however, flattery can be controlled.

“He’s a big dreamer and a hard worker. Bilan need to wear amulets, which avert the evil eye. It is waiting for a year of lifting and material success,” predicts Kuzenbaeva.

According to numerology, 38 years Bilan is necessary to pay attention to health, as it has vulnerable lungs and heart. Says Kuzenbaeva, Dima needs a boyfriend who will give him advice, and have good intuition.

“In 41 years of the artist waiting for a big success, it may act at the international competition. Around the same time his baby is born. From Dima will make a good family man,” said Clara.

Kuzenbaeva does not exclude that, if Bilan went on stage, it would be a good surgeon, the businessman or the politician, since it is impossible to persuade.